Monday, February 12, 2018

Happiness In A Daily Goodie Box

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own. 

 I love receiving Goodie Boxes! It has taken me a lot longer than I like to get this review up and running, but it's here and I'm ready to share with you all the goodies I got! A ton of tasties held up inside this box, each one so fun to try! Especially all the chocolates for my sweet tooth ;)

Baron Chocolatier's Chocolate Gummy Bears were surprisingly delicious.  I'm not a huge gummy fan but having these bears coated in chocolate made them an addictive little snack to munch on. I shared them with my hubby and son, who both love to eat gummy bears frozen. We didn't try these guys frozen, but we all loved them as is. The little sample made a perfect edition to my hubby's Christmas stocking this past December. Each little gummy bear has a different flavor: Strawberry, Lemon, Green Apple, and Orange. Some flavors pair with the chocolate better than others, but I'm really happy to see that these are made with natural ingredients.

Lang’s Chocolates Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies were probably my favorite part of this box. Who wouldn't like milk chocolate coated Oreo cookies? Two cookies in a pack, dipped in creamy milk chocolate...Each bite had the crunch of the cookie, but was still soft enough to bite into. They were so delicious and hit all the right spots. Truly an addictive snack!

Ethical Bean Lush Medium Dark Roast Coffee was not my top favorite coffee, it seemed to have a very bitter taste. The aroma was very pleasant though! This coffee is made with fruity, smokey, and earthy notes, giving it quite a flavor. I love that this coffee is Fairtrade Certified Organic and leaves a lighter footprint on the world.

Ezywipe Cleansing Towels is quite the new invention I've never seen before. These towels come in a tiny tube and look like little medicine disks. They're great to have in your purse or bag so they can travel along with you at the time of need. Say, your kid gets messy at the restaurant or you need a quick cleanup after the gym, these are ready to go, just add water and you have a fresh washcloth! A very handy tool to have when you're out and about. The cloths are made of 100% Rayon, they're made very durable and can even be reused and washed in your washing machine. They are antimicrobial and antibacterial, as well as hypo-allergenic, and even flushable!

Herbal Zap Party Detox Herbal Supplement's are great for after holiday hangovers...but if you don't get wild and experience crashing hangovers, they can work just as well for boosting your immune system. You can take the Party Detox if you've over eaten or are lacking sleep as well. These little zapping drinks just give you a nice little boost to help soothe your stomach and detox your system. This one is made with Ginger, Amala, Turmeric, Coriander, Black pepper and Key lime as well as a small bit of cane sugar. It has a strong ginger taste, but not too bad if you enjoy that flavor.

B.O.S.S Food Co. Superfood Bars are great for on the go snacking! I received the flavor Raspberry Almond + Aronia Berries to try. It taste very healthy, as you might imagine, but I loved the almond bits in it. These bars are made with no preservatives and are soy free, gluten free, and paleo friendly making them a great snack for those on a diet. Each bar has just 8 ingredients, so that's pretty amazing!

Zahlers Prenatal+DHA 300 Supplements are good for Mama-To-Be's. But because I am not currently expecting, I decided not to test these out. These pills provide 25 vitamins and nutrients plus 300mg of DHA and 1000 mcg of Quatrefolate. They sound like great prenatals for mama-to-be's to take.  

Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patches are excellent for bringing relief to those sore muscles. We love having Tiger Balm on hand but have always hated having to rub on the goo, as it is so hard to wash off. Having the balm on ready to go patches makes it easy and mess-free! These patches a fast working and relieve pain fairly well. I love using them when my hips get sore from workouts.

   My Cup Of Cocoa Dark Drinking Chocolate made an interesting cup of hot cocoa. I expected this to be very rich in flavor but I felt that it was lacking somewhat. Though I might not have used enough powder for a cup...I did find it added a nice little chocolatey taste to my coffee! I love the image of this product, how it is simple and would make a nice little gift as well.

The last part of my box to review was supposed to be the Goddess Garden's Organic Sun & Skin Care but I never received it. Not much to say about this since I'm not sure what the product was supposed to be, and I didn't get to try it out, but it sounded great! I could have received a skincare product that helped with sun protection. Oh well.

So that was my November Goodie Box, that I apologize for posting it so late.... It was filled with all kinds of goodies we enjoyed. I can't wait for the next box to try out! Would you like to review products too? 
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This post is made possible by the Daily Goodie box, in providing me the products to review. All opinions my own.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Predictions on Groundhog Day 2018

Do you think Punxsutawney Phil's predication of 6 more weeks of Winter will come true? 
It is said that his predication's are 39% accurate so we'll see what happens this year! I know a lot of people are ready for the sunshine and warmth, and flowers and Spring to Summer adventures, but I kind of like the idea for another 6 weeks of Winter. This season is so slow and really makes you stop to enjoy the indoors. I love to get out, so I admit I do get a little stir-crazy inside, but Spring and Summer will come when it does, and I will enjoy the things when it's time for that season.

   I always like to do a little crafting fun on these holidays, and even though my son is getting older, he still enjoys them every now and then. Today's activities could be suited for any age really, but we started it with a simple book we picked up from the library: "Punxsutawney Phyllis" by Susanna Leonard Bill. I thought the book was cute, but my son's opinion was "meh" I guess it was deemed 'too young' for his aging 10 year old self haha. I do like that the book had some informational History in the back though! 
   Next he filled out a 'Make A Predication' Worksheet that I printed off free from and he predicted the same that Punxsutawney Phil's predicted... another 6 weeks of Winter! He really doesn't like Summer because of the heat haha. The fun craft we did was a silly little Groundhog Head made with hearts-because it's February! The head is a large heart upside, with half hearts for ears, a heart nose, upside down heart teeth, and fun googly eyes! I think he's pretty cute =) 
What kind of fun did you get in to today?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Kid's Review on the Diamond Select Anti-Venom Action Figure

Another review written by my son! This is his 2nd post* of all time, on the awesome Diamond Select Anti-Venom Action Figure.

"If you want Anti-Venom, don't settle for Marvel Legends. Buy this guy instead! He is around 7 inches tall, which is 1 inch taller then Hasbros, He looks WAAAAAYYYY cooler! Like, look at his claws. Look at his head! He has so much more detail and is made from harder plastic then Hasbros, letting you play HARDER!

He comes with a rocky, wood covered stand with symbiote spikes! The ONLY bad thing about him is the spikes on his back. They are sharp, so just be a LITTLE careful! Besides that, he is awesome! And if you buy him, Diamond Select Carnage, and Venom, then THAT WILL BE THE ULTIMATE COMBINATION!!!

I ALSO like to have him fight Wolverine!"

 You can find the Diamond Select Anti-Venom Action Figure available on Amazon for a great price!

*Check out his first review on the Amazing Yamaguchi Wolverine HERE.  

Monday, January 29, 2018

Veronica's Treats Valentine's Day Cake Pops

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, do you know what you're getting your love? Veronica's Treats have delicious Valentine Cake Pop's available in many different colors and designs. They also have some delicious flavors to choose from: Double Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Lemon. Each cake pop has been hand designed and deliciously coated with white chocolate icing, then decorated with the design you wish, including frosting drizzles and sprinkles.

I recently got to try the Chocolate cake pops with my family and we just love them! The inside cake has the taste of a brownie, with the outer shell being coated in different vanilla icing decors. Each cake pop was made beautifully, and with the perfect amount of sweetness. I love how they represent Valentine's Day in their color and flavor. This is a great gift to send to your friends and family.

Right now, Veronica's Treats are offering 15% off your order when you purchase through using the code: DBBP15 Each cake pop is $2.49 each and requires a minimum purchase of 6 pops in a batch. 

This post is made possible by Tomoson and Veronica's Treat's, in providing me the products to review. All opinions my own. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

God Gave Us Family - Book Review

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

God Gave Us Family is an enjoyable book written by Lisa Tawn Bergren with beautiful illustrations by David Hohn. This story is about a little wolf pup who is looking forward to an upcoming family reunion, filled with all kinds of activities ranging from roasting marshmallows, playing with cousins, and engaging in new games. Along the way, he learns how there are many families in the world, each one is different and fulfilled in their own way. Some are big, some are small, there might be a lot of siblings or just one only child;. Some are raised by their grandparents and some are adopted, no matter what makes up a family, each one is made very special. 

I love this sweet story and the family closeness it brings. It made me think of my little family, because my son is an only child, not by choice, though he claims to love it. He see's all the different ways our family is connected. It's not about who's being raised by who, or how many children there are, or whether someone is adopted or "matches" in this way or that. It's about the love between each of us and the connection we build together. That's what having a family is about, all the things we feel on the inside!

This is a great book to read with your little ones. They will enjoy seeing the illustrations of each animal family and learning about the differences and how each person makes our family a whole. You can find God Gave Us Family available for purchase on Amazon for under $10.

This review is made possible by the Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group via Blogging for Books,  
by providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Songmics Racing Sport Gaming Chair + Get 15% Off!

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

   If you're a gamer or a blogger, you know having a comfortable chair to work from is one of your top priorities before getting started. There are several chairs on the market to choose which one is right for you, and because it's a big purchase, you want to make sure you get one that will last. We've gone through our fair share of computer chairs so it was due time to get a new one. My husband has been wanting a gaming chair to sit in comfortably, as he is a streamer on Twitch, and needed something supportive as well as stylish. We were pleased find the new Songmics Racing Sport Gaming Chair!

   The Songmics Racing Sport Gaming Chair is made with comfort in mind and the ability to adapt to your body with its wide backrest and soft foam side padding. It includes a removable cushioned headrest and lumbar support to provide extra cushion when needed. The foundation of the chair itself is made of strong steel with anti-loosening screws to keep it secure over several long periods of sitting in, holding up to 330lbs. The outer fabric is made of wear-resistant PU-Cover with a nice white/black two-tone design, making it look modern and sleek for your space. This chair is very adjustable, being able to lock in 13 different positions, including raising up and down, and lying all the way back at a 150 degree angle. The armrests can move up and down to suit your needs, as well as swivel to the left or the right. This is perfect for reliving fatigue in your arm posture. There are so many great mechanisms this chair holds, making it ideal for bloggers, gamers, and someone just looking for a new comfy computer chair! 

   We have been using the Songmics Racing Sport Gaming Chair for about a week now and love the amazing functions it has. It's not only very comfortable, but the adjustments you can make to support your posture and wrists are amazing. The added lumbar support is very nice as well, keeping your back straight and supported for as long as you are sitting. The wheels also glide really well, whether it's on a hard surface or carpet, they seem to roll very easily. We currently have our chair on an area rug that sits on top of the carpet and it rolls perfectly. Our previous chair would get stuck rolling so having this new concept is amazing. My husband has commented several times how much he loves this chair and the comfort it brings him. He would experience a lot of discomfort with our previous chair, a regular office chair, so being able to compare a gaming chair versus an office chair, we can really see the benefits! It wasn't too hard to put together, see pieces and parts below :)

    I would really recommend this chair if your looking for a new one. It would make a great gift for a gamer in your life. You can find the Songmics Racing Sport Gaming Chair available on Amazon at a great price. Plus for a limited time you can get 15% OFF! Just use the code: 15SLIMWQ Songmics has a lot of great products so be sure to follow their Pinterest Page as well as their Facebook for products and inspiration!

This post is made possible by Songmics, in providing me the products to review. All opinions my own. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Kid's Review on the Amazing Yamaguchi Wolverine Action Figure

My son has been begging to get in on the reviews so I decided to let him write up his own review to share here on my blog. He love's reviewing toys so there's a chance you might see him more often! :) 

Check out his very first review, 
on the Amazing Yamaguchi Wolverine.

"ONE WORD... Awesome! This is one of the best Wolverine action figures ever made! 3 interchangeable heads, 7 interchangeable hands, a pair of claws, a clear stand, and a claw SLASH effect that you can put on other characters backs to make awesome slice poses!
This guy also has TONS of areas that have joints, making him SUPER FLEXIBLE! That's the best thing to have for toys. A super flexible body makes great poses and lets them do more life-like stunts! His size is perfect, too! He can match the size of a 6 inch Marvel Legends toy. This IS the best! (Besides Play Art Kai Wolve! HEHEHE)"

You can find the Amazing Yamaguchi Wolverine Action Figure available on Amazon under $70 right now.